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Sample Audio plugin?

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    Sample Audio plugin?

    Is there a sample audio plugin template floating around here? I thought I had seen one before but can't seem to find it.


    I don't get it, which plugin? My guess is the synth sample player, which is part of the synthesis plugin?

    edit: oh, you mean an actual template, for an audio plugin! I know to look at some of the simpler source effects, for a good basic example of using the audio buffer in a class, but that's all I know.
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      Hi Arthur, yes, looking for a simple plugin template to follow that engages the audio system. I'm starting to build a plugin using a dll of the Synthesis Toolkit (STK) physically-modeled instruments. Just looking to see if there's a straight-forward template I can look at to get my bearings straight.

      You're talking about the "simpler source effects" from the ue4 github repo right? Like at


        Interesting project! Alas, I have no clue whatsoever how to incorporate dlls, and never made a plugin.

        Resources I'd start with if I did:

        Can look here for the top level Synthesis uPlugin setup.
        Then this for the top level TimeSynth, wash those two against eachother, should be left with some kind of template.

        Here's a subclass of synthesis plugin, 50 lines of code, adds effect stuff to existing audio:

        This is the synth, it generates audio from scratch: also it's companion:

        That said, feels like I too saw a template floating around at some point, like you mention in first post.