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Is it possible to have music effect the emission intensity of a material?

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    Is it possible to have music effect the emission intensity of a material?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone here can help me out. I really want to be able to use music to influence the emission of materials. So in other words the emission value is effected by the "bass" or "beat" of a song or sound or music.

    Is this possible using Blueprints? I am not a coder so Blueprints is really my only option.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated thank you.

    Yep very possible, example-project with that found here:
    Specifically the one in Content\Examples\AudioViz\AudioVizSingleFreq.umap

    Click image for larger version

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      This is great but it uses lights and not the emissive channel in a material. See what I am wanting to do is create a model that has multiple strips of colours that will flash with the music in the game. These strips of colour will be tiled over a long distance so using lights to make the colour glow wont work.

      Basically this game I am helping with is a racing game and we want strips of light on the track to brighten and dim with the music.


        As far as i can tell, it already uses Emission on the Material.

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          Yeah it mods dynamic material instances as well! Also lots of other stuff. Go ahead and take a look, you can for sure do numerous distant track lights as dynamic materials etc.
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