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Adaptive Music functionality in new audio engine

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    Adaptive Music functionality in new audio engine

    Just took a look through the getting started doco and there are a lot of really cool features in the beta release. I don't see a lot about adaptive music, viewing the music on a timeline, or a visual mixer. Is this something that Epic are looking at including in the future?

    Hi justincavenagh,

    You might be interested in some of my presentations about designing music interactions in UE4:

    This one is about using the new Early Access TimeSynth Component in UE4 which allows you to playback strongly timed audio clips:

    And this video is a presentation Aaron and I gave to Procedural Audio Now about how to get into procedural music authoring using Blueprints for people familiar with PD or Max:
    Dan Reynolds
    Technical Sound Designer || Unreal Audio Engine Dev Team