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    This is embarrassing. When I updated the engine I never updated the ini file to use the new audio mixer. I checked that the plugins were set, but I forgot to check the ini.

    Sorry for dragging this out, and thanks for helping me think through this.


      When you open your project. In the Output Log, if you filter search AudioMixer, do log entries come up? Usually after loading the project with the Audio Mixer enabled, it will give you details on your audio device with AudioMixer as the log tag.

      This is just to verify that the Audio Mixer module is loading.

      Also what platform are you developing on (running the Editor on)? PC or Mac?

      EDIT: Didn't see your last post as it was on the second page. That was the next thing I was going to check!

      I'm glad you got it sorted out, your game looks like it's trying to do some cool things and I hope the Audio Mixer can help with that!

      It's also interesting that the Audio Percent Playback delegate works without the Audio Mixer, probably not on every platform though. Running with the Audio Mixer should increase your accuracy. But you will want to compensate for that one bug I mentioned earlier.
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      Dan Reynolds
      Technical Sound Designer || Unreal Audio Engine Dev Team


        Originally posted by dan.reynolds View Post
        I think I see the misunderstanding. I thought you were saying that the sound itself doesn't start playing at the Start Time, but in your latest video you're talking about the Playback Percent starting value.

        However, I'm even MORE baffled by your bug because Playback Percent doesn't account for Start Time.

        It is a known bug that Playback Percent doesn't account for Start Time.

        In fact, I mention that in my Live Stream and account for it in my Calculate Start Time for Next Transition function:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	playbackpercentbug_01.PNG
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Size:	123.4 KB
ID:	1516275
        Click image for larger version

Name:	playbackpercentbug_02.PNG
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Size:	82.4 KB
ID:	1516276
        Click image for larger version

Name:	playbackpercentbug_03.PNG
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Size:	127.1 KB
ID:	1516277

        This is a bug that we haven't gotten around to addressing yet.

        Testing this on a 4.20.1 Project, my Playback Percent always starts at 0 no matter where in the file I start playing, looping or not looping. Which means I'm super confused why your version is ever right. D:

        Out of curiosity, do either of the Music Sequencer Levels work in your project? I would expect it to break for non-looping Music Clips.

        Very strange!
        Hi dan.reynolds, thanks for all your work on this!

        I'm having the same 'bug' with Playback Percent, that when I play an audio file using Start Time, the Playback Percent always begins at 0. I'm confused how you're accounting for this?

        I'm creating a real-time cross-fading system that switches between tracks immediately, without waiting on the playing clip to finish, and have to know how far along a particular clip is.

        Any further help is appreciated!