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Add sound to AI walking making it generic

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    Add sound to AI walking making it generic

    When I add sound to a walk animation using notifies I hear all AI walks at the same volume while they are at different places in the map which is so annoying . How can I make the AI walk sound based on the location. So the player hears AI walking far at long distances or hear the walk close when AI is near him.

    You will want to add a Sound Attenuation to your SoundWave or SoundCue.

    Sound Attenuation properties are traditionally defined by creating a Sound Attenuation Asset. This can be added to the SoundWave, SoundCue, or Audio Component properties. However, in most cases, you can locally override Sound Attenuation properties as well.

    For your case, though, I would create a Sound Attenuation asset that you can use to globally define your AI footsteps and then apply that Asset as the Sound Attenuation definition for either your SoundWave assets or your SoundCue (if you're using a SoundCue).

    You can learn more about the Sound Attenuation parameters here:
    Dan Reynolds
    Technical Sound Designer || Unreal Audio Engine Dev Team