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Setting Up a Blueprint MIDI Manager with 4.14 version of MIDI Device Support Plugin

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    Originally posted by RayRayJnr View Post

    Implementing the VST SDK would be amazing, but maybe a UE5 thing. I havn't looked at the synth stuff in the new audio engine but automating reaktor in unreal you could probably do everything from sub mix effects, sound design, scoring.
    Exactly. Until that, i'm thinking about using VCV in SaviHost, and control it with UE4 via the new 4.23 OSC. Apart the release note, for now there is apparently no tutorial about it. I've never used OSC, so i'm not sure where and what to look at.


      Originally posted by dan.reynolds View Post
      Is there any kind of tutorial with how to build this out currently?


        Hey there,

        I realize this is an old topic and there's probably a much easier way of doing this stuff by now. However this thread is the only place that gave me something to on so I thought, I'd try my luck here.

        I followed the blueprint structure in this thread and I can work with the MIDI Inputs to trigger stuff in my scene. So far so good.
        The problems start when I try to use the wireless functionality of my MIDI device. Since I have to go through loopMIDI and MIDIberry to properly connect to windows, the device name is changing.
        The implemented debug functionality tells me, that it's now called loop MIDI port, but if I use that as the standard value for the MIDIDeviceName string variable, the AND bool check fails.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Debug.PNG Views:	0 Size:	6.9 KB ID:	1687100
        This is what the debug gives me, I'd really appreciate some Input on this.


        fixed this by literally spelling the name correctly. Now I just added a second Or-Bool to allow for both Input device names (usb and wireless).
        So now everything works as expected in the editor.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Fix.PNG
Views:	133
Size:	170.2 KB
ID:	1687439

        However, there are two minor issues that I still have with th MIDI Plugin.

        1: While everything runs fine in the editor, the inputs are not recognized in a build. Do I have to specifically include experimental Plugins somewhere?

        2: This is regarding the interface that is created in this blueprint. Whenever I change something in a blueprint that the interface function is called in (One of the actors in the scene) I have to manually recompile my MIDI manager as well. I dont really see why this happens, am I doing something wrong here?

        Thank you!

        Thank you for setting all this up in the first place!
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          Hi there, has anyone created this file to share? I'd love to have midi I/O in my project but it feels a little daunting to have to manually copy and recreate the nodes from the image, esp considering nodes can be copy/pasted as text?
          regardless, im glad we have this available in unreal, I hope to find the time to implement it, or OSC when either becomes more beginner friendly


            There is a newer simplified version with in/out, check Dan's Twitter link earlier in thread! Here's a basic implementation example project I made:
            Try my procedural music tools: Arthurs Audio BPs


              Hello all! So I'm having trouble getting the midi data from Unreal to my hardware synth. I can get data from the synth into Unreal, but not the other way around. Even when trying out Arthurs "Midi input/output" example I still ran into the same problem. I can get midi data into the synth through a DAW so I know that it does work. Just have no idea why it's not receiving the data from Unreal. I've included a photo with what I've done, maybe it can provide some clues as to why it's not working for me? Any help is greatly appreciated!


                Also, I realize I don't need the "integer to float" and "truncate" nodes, that was left over from some previous versions, all cleaned up now!