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    Originally posted by Rodnino View Post
    Does anyone know if the new audio engine is working on MacOS yet with the release of 4.17? Or do we have to do the steps that SteveElbows has had to go through.. I know it's still in early access however the UE4 Trello Roadmap does say that MacOS is a targeted platform for 4.17. Thanks for any information!
    Like I said in an earlier post, the stuff I was going on about earlier in this thread was fixed in 417. You still need to edit a setting in an .ini file to enable the new engine because it isnt the default yet, but this is also true of other platforms.


      Originally posted by coupler View Post
      I am able to instantiate the Modular Synth component without doing any special tricks in 4.17 (other than enabling the necessary plugins). However, often when I start to Play a level that loads the synth, a lot of noise is generated (not white noise like from the synth - more like the audio buffers are getting completely hosed). When I say often, I mean about 80% of the time I get that noise.

      If I subclass the Synth Component and instantiate the default version of that (just makes a 440hz sine tone), 99% of the time there is no noise, but everyone once and a while there is.
      Did you enable the new audio engine? Those noises sound like they might be the same ones I got if I accidentally tried to use the synth with the old audio engine.


        Hi folks!

        You will want to create an ini file for Mac similar to the Windows instructions, except you will want it in the Mac folder (MacEngine.ini) and it will have this line:


        I'll try to update the 4.16 post with the additional platform instructions.
        Dan Reynolds
        Technical Sound Designer || Unreal Audio Engine Dev Team