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Is this possible? - Interactive 360 picture.

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    Is this possible? - Interactive 360 picture.

    Hi everyone!,

    I have been approached by a client with a project idea with a very tight deadline. I have very little experience with UnrealEngine (just a basic handling of the menues as I played around a bit creating levels back in the day) and also have an Oculus DK2 to test out VR.
    The question is: Is it possible to create a UE Scene that displays a 360 picture, and then add "hotspots" to the picture that trigger voiceovers or even text messages on the screen?.

    Basically the client wants to Demo their room and add commentary to specific items within the scene, but they do not have the resources for hiring 3D modelers. So they would settle for a static room (picture) where you can just look around (obviously not walk) and trigger some events depending on where you look.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can point me in the right direction, or enlighten me that this is not possible!.


    It's possible but you need to find the right template if you don't want to program everything yourself.

    I've seen one that allow you to load 360 stereo images (from vray render for example) into ue4 and see it with your vr headset. And you can add any objects in the scene on top of that.

    I would start with that.

    Now you just have to incorporate a cursor that will ''open'' or ',play'' something when you look at a trigger/button/whatever for a couple seconds. This is how it works on samsung gear vr, since you don't have any control input other than your view. You aim with your head at something for +/- 30 seconds to activate it.
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      If you don't need the vr then just use a regular sphere, map your image to it and program the cursor trigger! Good luck man.


        you can do that with google cardboard and application carboard. I think you can do that with Oculus too, but only problem is that 360 stereo image is fake, program split same image to create fake effect for each eye. If you render 2x360 images for each eye, you will have 2 flat spots where each eye have same image position. You can try if client doesnt know how 360 works he wont even see this problems


          Hi Nahuel,
          I would just tell you what I would do in your situation. I just did a similar thing just weeks ago and has a graphic designer and 3d artist I needed a fast way to do it wityhout messing around too much with Unreal programming or blueprints.

          1) Create your scene, bake the lights and everything and place the Player Start Pawn where you want the 360 screen to be.
          2) Follow this guide to setup a simple level blueprint to have a 360 screenshot at the beginning of the game:
          3) Buy this 99$ software that makes you an interactive 360 walkthough with hotspots in's pretty straightforward:
          4) From Pano2VR you can also make directly html5 available content so...pretty good deal without having to bake a big unreal exe.

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            Hey Guys,

            The client kinda disappeared. But this is very very good info. I will keep all of this handy .
            Thanks everyone, you are great!.