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    Sculpture virtual Hall

    Hi, i bring today a new matinee to share and find some critics and tips.

    This is our latest demo project, here we have create a parametric dome that covers a big exhibition area with a collection of sculptures.

    Now we are creating or own collection of photogrammetric models but in this project we use some from sketchfab, and after we optimized to make it easy to run here, but the original quality was not always the same or enough. So we are now doing our own stuff.

    I have some problems with the white boxes i' using as pedestals for the sculptures, but as reading on other post it seams i will not solve that without rise to much the quality of rendering making it to hard to render for an animation like this. But if i wrong please make me know.

    Thanks again for your time!

    This is actually amazing! I would love a stereoscopic video of this.
    The only thing I would personally change is dust particles brightness but it's not really annoying so good work really!


      [MENTION=122793]Frainstra[/MENTION] thanks!


        Hi! slowly, between other projects. we still improving our Virtual Hall.

        we have add a new configuration menu that really improve the old one and flying info panels, so now you know what sculpture you are looking.

        I hope you like it!


          Finally the gameplay video! we have change many little details and this is how it looks
          I hope you enjoy it, and pleased to read your suggestions



            For photogrammetry, are you using models from sketch fab or you are creating your own? If you are creating your own what camera and software are you using?

            P.s. great project!


              [MENTION=382719]Kratos_88[/MENTION] These models are from sketchfab, here you have the links to all the models used in this project. That is the reason that the quality between the different pieces is not the same. Any case we have clean and optimized all this models, doing the retopologize, the material UV map in only one channel, create the normal map, create LOD models...

              We also have our own models in Sketchfab, we work with a Canon d70 with prime lenses 35mm and 50mm, and a DJI Phantom 4. About software we have use Autodesk Remake and Agisoft Photoscan, clean the model in 3d Max, the retopology with Instant Meshes and the final textures cook with xNormal.

              I also recomend you this blog about photogrammetry, it's focus on paleontology not games, but it have a 11 post tutorial about photogrammetry that is really a great guide to scan models (nothing about optimize) in the last post, the one linked before they explain how to work really well with Photoscan, but in the other also talk about the cameras lenses, big models, and other stuff


                Hi, finally we have publish our project so now you can download it from our web site!


                I Hope you like it and please give us your feedback!