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Spotlight not contributing to secondary lighting

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    Spotlight not contributing to secondary lighting

    Hi guys

    I am having trouble lighting a scene in the same style as the tutorial below. After some advice from a colleague I have tried creating a bounced light method with spotlights as instructed in the link below.

    I am finding that when I build my lighting only the directional light in my scene is able to contribute to overall bounced lighting and any changes I make to the additional spotlights makes no effect. Do you know why this might be? I am using Unreal 4.11.2 with the directional light connected to sky sphere. The bounced cards are set to not cast shadows and the spotlights are set to a value of 1200 and are static

    Make sure your Lightmass settings has enough bounces set. You also might have to build your lighting at Production quality. The bounce cards might also have to cast shadows