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How to load stl models at run-time

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    How to load stl models at run-time

    Warning I’m a UE newby. I’m working for a client to replace their (old) 3D visualization engine with UE so that their software can work on mobile (and desktop) devices. The client has software that generates 3D simulation results (stl files for 3D objects and xls files for time vs position & orientation). The (simplified) way that I envision the UE solution working is this:

    1. Run clients software to generate simulation results (zip)
    2. Copy result file to mobile device
    3. Start UE viz app
    4. In the app, select the result file to load/view
    5. Populate UE scenegraph with stl’s contained in the selected result
    6. Press the Play button in the app to start the physics animation
    7. Update the poses of each 3D object based on data stored in the xls files

    Step #5 is the part that I’m stuck on right now. How do I load stl files during run-time to populate the 3D view? All the tutorials online that I have found so far talk about using the Content Browser to import models into the scene.
    Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.