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My First Unreal project - I am blown away by Unreal Engine possibilities

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    My First Unreal project - I am blown away by Unreal Engine possibilities

    Hi guys,

    I am in Arch Viz field for quite some time, and I decided to dive into Real Time and VR stuff this year.

    But first things first - I needed to learn Unreal Engine basics.

    I decided to start casually, and I used one of my finished 3D Max projects that had really high polygon count. I used bunch of high res 3D models there, and at first I wanted to check how Unreal Engine will cope with such a large number of highpoly models.
    I expected slide show round the middle of importing, but I was very excited when all models were imported in Unreal Engine and it still was runing smooth like silk.

    At that point I new that there shouldnt be any issues with expanding my usual 3D Max workflow to this kind of visualizations to my clients.

    It was a long journey learning all needed stuff like working with materials, lights, blueprints, menu systems...

    But I finally managed to put everything together! It is still a long walk to the point when I will be satisfied with the result, but for now - I am really blown away with how strong Unreal Engine is.

    Here are some shots from the project, and if someone want to download and check it - feel free to do it! Just please leave some comments about performance or any other issues you run into.

    Download link for stand alone application:
    You can access in game menu on "M" key, it is also the pause button. Menu needs more work, I've just put basic shell around it.
    I'll figure out more elegant solution soon I hope, don't have much time for design atm.

    Also, if in windowed mode - you can enter full screen by pressing Alt + Enter.

    And some images:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture-Unreal.JPG
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture-Unreal-BnW.JPG
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    looks Pretty awesome.. like it (Y)