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4.11 preview 7 Stereo Panoramic export works!

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    How did you do to start the capturing process, i cant do that anymore using console commands, like i did in preview 7 , this seems to happen with preview 8 and the 4.11 final version too

    Update: It works ! Just found that you need to disable " instanced Stereo" in Project Settings > Rendering cause it seems to be incompatible with panoramic capture
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      Ok, got some test footage recorded and I just brought the frames into Premiere. Does anyone know what frame rate I should use for the sequence? The 30FPS that was detected by Premiere has the animations playing way too fast.
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        Fix the Frame rate that you desire in the rendering settings.


          Hello Guys,
          I did another test on the 4.11 everything work well, but I still got some issue as vertical black line and I really don't understand why I get the left and right pictures with different color.
          I used this parameters
          SP.HorizontalAngularIncrement 0.5
          SP.VerticalAngularIncrement 22.5
          SP.CaptureHorizontalFOV 22.5
          StepCaptureWidth 1440

          Click image for larger version

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            I've had an educational project and I've been waiting for 360 to get a bit more streamlined in UE4 so I can export it for VR cardboard use in classrooms.

            Can someone please just tell me how to find the Kite and Lightning plugin or upload it for me somewhere? I just keep running into dead links on redit and thats about it. THanks!!


              Just seen a bit of text above. So the plugin is built into the new release now? That's great if true!

              Ignore my desperate pleas if so.



                Originally posted by lebek View Post
                I've been trying to get the Kite & Lightning Stereo Panoramic export plugin working since the early 4.11 previews. In preview 7 it works! I thought others might be interested to see the results. Here's a visualization I made of my condo rendered out with SP.PanoramicQuality=average. It took around 30s per frame (left+right) on my GTX 980. There are some dark horizontal bands in the output, I haven't figured out if this is a rendering or stitching error - any ideas?

                I'm now trying a higher resolution export. I'll post results here.
                Hello,how to get the left picture only or right picture only?


                  hi lebek thanks for the valuable info

                  if you could tell us further how to capture/make the sequence it will help a lot for new users like me

                  thanks in advance

                  Originally posted by lebek View Post
                  1. Install UE4 4.11 Preview 7
                  2. Create a new project, enable the Stereo Panoramic Movie Capture plugin under Edit > Plugins > Movie Capture, restart the editor
                  3. Go into play mode and enter the following commands:

                  SP.OutputDir C:\ (sets the output directory)
                  SP.PanoramicMovie 0 300 (make a movie, 300 frames long)

                  You can also do a screenshot with SP.PanoramicScreenshot

                  That's it - the result will be in C:\<current-date-time>\

                  Other settings:

                  Slice Controls
                  SP.HorizontalAngularIncrement: The number of degrees per horizontal step. Must be a factor of 360.
                  SP.VerticalAngularIncrement: The number of degrees per vertical step. Must be a factor of 180. <- decrease to around 30.0f if you're seeing dark horizontal bands in output (default is 90.0f)
                  SP.CaptureHorizontalFOV: Horizontal FOV for scene capture component. Must be larger than SP.HorizontalAngularIncrement

                  Atlas Controls
                  SP.StepCaptureWidth: The final spherical atlas width
                  SP.EyeSeparation: The separation of the stereo cameras
                  SP.ForceAlpha: Force the alpha value to completely opaque

                  Sampling Controls
                  SP.CaptureSlicePixelWidth: Capture Slice Pixel Dimension
                  SP.EnableBilerp: 0 - No Filtering 1- Bilinear Filter slice samples
                  SP.SuperSamplingMethod: 0 - No Supersampling, 1 - Rotated Grid SS

                  Debug Controls
                  SP.ConcurrentCaptures: The number of scene captures to capture at the same time
                  SP.GenerateDebugImages: 0 - No Debug Images\n1 - Save out each strip as it is generated\n2 - Save each entire slice
                  SP.OutputDir: Output directory
                  SP.ShouldOverrideInitialYaw: Override Initial Camera Yaw. Set to true if you don't want to use PlayerController View Dir <- true by default
                  SP.ForcedInitialYaw: Yaw value for initial Camera view direction. Set ShouldOverrideInitialYaw to true to use this value <- set the yaw
                  SP.FadeStereoToZeroAtSides: Fade stereo effect between left/right eye to zero at 90 degrees.


                    I've just done the first render of my project after reading all the info here. Works pretty well so thanks to everyone for posting up the right way to do things on the forum here!

                    I'm just having a similar problem to noblespoon in that my project in total takes about 2.5 minutes for everything to happen but when I render out the project with this plugin the whole thing, when brought into after effects, only takes 14 seconds. It's basically rendering out 1 frame per second or something rather than 25 or 30. That means i have to stretch the project in AE by 800% which is looking pretty rubbish.

                    Anyone know where the setup for that would be??


                      I have the same problem, if someone can help us...


                        I also want to know how to set the frames per second,anyone know?
                        Click image for larger version

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                          Get it Fixed in General Settings, Set the Frame Rate to 60 FPS
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                            Originally posted by Icchansan View Post
                            Get it Fixed in General Settings, Set the Frame Rate to 60 FPS
                            OK,that's OK,Thank you very much!!!


                              Kite &amp; Lightning Stereo Panoramic export plugin

                              plz give me Kite & Lightning Stereo Panoramic export plugin !!!


                                Very cool feature. I have a problem tho.

                                My stereo rendering is much darker than my actual viewport. Here's the difference. Do you know how to fix this? I mean I could adjust the exposure in photoshop but I'm not sure why it's rendered that dark.

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