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Question regarding walls/ceilings/floor static meshes

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    Question regarding walls/ceilings/floor static meshes

    Hi all,

    just wondering what the best work method would be in regards to static meshes for walls/ceilings/floors. Should I be making them all one piece or should I be separating them?

    Considering this project is and interior/exterior rendering, I have an inner shell consisting of all the interior partitions and an exterior shell which consist of the exterior wall faces only. The floor and ceiling are a single plane detached from the other three sides of their poly. This seems to work well as far as light bleeding goes, one I still have one or two problematic areas.

    Should I be using this method or should everything be independent from one another?

    Separated as much as you possibly can. Sometimes it's even a good idea to detach all faces of a wall to assign a lightmap to each one.

    The more geo you have on a lightmap, the more you gotta increase the resolution to get decent looking shadows. At some point it's not even possible to get good quality so you have to reduce the geo you have on your lightmap. Usually, in my scenes, each inner wall section has it's lightmap and each outer wall section has it's lightmap.


      Interesting. I'll go back to this method and try again.
      The only reason I ask is because I pulled apart xoio's berlin apartment (which is free on the marketplace) and his walls are all one piece.

      This is how my shadows look thus far at a res of 2048:

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        Big fan of your work btw!!