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    And quick firing another question:
    Can someone tell me what I could be doing wrong that Draw, GPU and Frame are at exactly the same ms? There has got to be something wrong... ?

    Oh and during the time of this graph I did not move the player whatsoever... yet still there is an amplitude... what is going on...?
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      Originally posted by on3studio View Post
      Alright this is all great and all... but I still cannot access the console in standalone... am I too stupid? Since I am normally using a german keyboard layout, I switched it to english and tried - didn't work. When I change the keyboard shortcut, it doesn't work...

      I am close to building a freaking text input that connects to an Execute Console Command in the Player Blueprint... this cannot be what I need to do, for crying out loud ...

      Please help because this is getting proper annoying -.-

      Which button do I have to push or box to tick so I can access the console in standalone game mode (Not packaged)...
      Like other people mentioned : Just press Tilda, it doesn't matter if you package for development, play in editor or standalone game. Sometimes when you are fullscreen you have to press it more than once to come down. Also you can check if it's maybe out of your screen by typing some command like : Stat.fps and see if it works.


        as I said before... there is no tilde on the german keyboard ... if it were that easy I wouldn't still be asking the question... The shortcut that works in the editor does not work in the standalone game ...

        But yeah...It seems like I'll need to build an input widget connected to a execute command node ... this is ridiculous -.-


          Ok solved the Console thing...

          for anyone else who is as blind as i am... under Project settings > Input > Console you can add another button to open the console... important for those who cannot/don't use an english keyboard...