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    Yes you are right, You can look at what Brigade can do (from Otoy) and have a glimpse at what dynamic G.I could be in the future. That's running on like 200 gpus iirc.


      Originally posted by Gigantoad View Post
      Fair enough. I just doubt that's true for most customers. The CryEngine demo is very pretty already (doesn't look particularly videogamey to me) but has flashy dynamic lighting. I'd rather see what kind of light the sun is going to throw into my future house rather than having the most hyper-realism. Or how things are going to look at night with just interior lighting. And don't forget this is running dynamic GI here and now, quality will undoubtedly increase a lot in coming years.
      I can attest and surprisingly so, most of our clients are okay with an imperfect game like render. Especially, when we can turn animations around in little time and cost. Like it or not, its a disruptive media. I love V-Ray and have spent thousands on Rebus, but the majority of our clients cant see the difference. Those that master the workflow will produce animations quicker and cheaper. It only gets better from here.


        There's several end users. There's designers using it as a tool then there's clients wanting to know what they're getting. The designers won't care as much about quality for the design process but a lot of Architects are going to want the best quality they can get for the best price.