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    Hello guys!

    Here are some stills from my latest project. I'm working on some new interactions.

    Also I'm working on a new lighting workflow, trying to reach the quality from vray scenes.
    I will post a video soon!

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    I'm starting to hate you rafael! :-) outstanding work!


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      You know what? I think you are there as far as I'm concerned it is more than good enough especially if you can do real time with that set up - great job. My only critique is the floor looks too glossy because it has a lot of bump to it.

      Please share anything you feel like as far as your work flow.
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        I am with RI3DVIZ on this. Quality is almost as per of high quality Vray renders, there are certain limitations but I think they are of Unreal's own like good reflection and refraction interpolation..other then that this looks good. Floor can be better.
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          great work! I like the subtle incandescent light hitting the ceiling-
          environment artist | VR Dev


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            Great work!!!


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              I really liked. But you can add a light bulb reflections.


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                Outstanding as usual, my only advice would be to completely remove the normal map on the floor material if you're trying to achieve the polish concrete look.
                Alex Leiva

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                  Thanks guys!

                  There is no normal bump in the floor material. Unfortunately, this noisy effect is from an issue from SSR reflection and I have to figure out how to fix it.

                  More shots

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                    Nice work!! Unfortunately i cant give any advice as my work is nowhere near the same standard.
                    So that leads me to asking... when can we expect a tutorial from you


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                      Great job as usual. What kind of new interactions are you thinking about?

                      Can you share at least some parts of the new workflow? No need to make a step by step guide but throw us some bones here.

                      Also how long did it take to build the lighting and what system are you using?


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                        Robbie222, well, things like take a picture from your scene, change colors on a RGB scale, change de material rougness and so some others things.

                        The lighting took about 40 or 50 minutes, I don't remember exactly. I'm preparing some video-lessons that will explain my workflow step-by-step.

                        Here is the cinematic:


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                          Always great, man! 1h is a real nice time for that kind of quality you get there...
                          Would you mind to share some screens with lighting only ?

                          Ps: this is hands down already better than many Vray renders out there!
                          Guilherme Rabello
                          Lead Researcher - Sureale

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                            Originally posted by rafareis123 View Post
                            I'm preparing some video-lessons that will explain my workflow step-by-step.
                            Looking forward to this! I'm so very close to getting decent results but something just isn't right in my workflow.
                            James Gallagher

                            Architectural Technologist, P3Architecture Partnership


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                              1-hour build is impressive. I was able to chop down 6 hours (from 11h) of build time just by removing 2 high poly static plants in my scene. I was stunned when I discovered this.