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    Simply beautiful! Looks absolutely stunning, you magnificent Bast**d! <3

    I cannot wait for some Video tutorials :P


      Yes James. As I said before, I don't like this kind of lighting workflow. It makes the Indrect lighting being so flat.
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        That lighting...
        Man, your works are outstanding!
        Wish you included a "switch mesh" function like in the Modern Country House project

        Waiting for the tutorials and why not, I'll probably buy this project, looks amazing!!!!

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          The roughness changing option is very interesting actually. Much more than working TVs and all gimmicks like that I've seen in many other projects on the forums!


            Hello rafareis,
            Do you thnik it is possible to have the good rendering quality with a movable sun? for timelapse for exemple...
            I actually have to make a timelapse interior render but I don't found yet the best solution for the lighting, I have tried Light Propagation Volumes and VXGI, but the lightmass is much more beautiful (with static sun). How do you think I can manage this type of project?
            Tks you for your answers man!
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              You can build your lighting only with Skylight and try a Dynamic sun. Use the postprocessvolume to change your overall color and exposure for each transition.
              It's not perfect, but it could works

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                Hello rafareis,

                Let me tell you that you have a such great talent ! I can feel you're experience in lighting with vray or other soft through these images.

                I have 4 precises questions to as you and it would be awesome to me if you could answer it.

                How did you manage with the GI ? Did you add some lines or the trick was done only with the Post process volume ?

                You said the building time was about 50min, which resolution did you put in the lightmass settings and basically what is the lightmap's resolution of the wall, big assets and small assets.

                Is the ceiling, the ground and the wall are in one object or in different separates parts ?

                Last question, did you add fake lights (like points lights inside your scene).

                Thank you for everything, continue to produce exellent work like that one !