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Randomizing Material on repetitive items

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    Randomizing Material on repetitive items

    Hi all, i'm working on a little scene to enter the archviz world and I'm curious if anyone would have a fix for my error in the attached photo. Basically I am using 2x12s R.R. @ 16" o.c. to hold up the roof but they are all starting the texture at the same point so it doesn't look realistic. Is there anything I can add to the material properties to randomize this or do i need to texture each individual roof rafter?
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    One piece of this is that you have a texture with enough contrast to show those repeating splotches very easily. So you should use a texture that is a bit more flat and consistent, or use two textures that tile at different rates in the material.

    But really, your biggest issue is that the UVs for every plank are identical. I would suggest placing the pieces in your modeling program and then combining them into one object with very spread out UVs. Or, you can mess with the UVs in the material by using something to change the texture based on where the object is in the world. Get the Content Examples project and go to the Advanced Materials (or maybe not advanced).
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