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Are there any US architecture rendering companies using UE4?

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    I'm working freaking hard to overcome some UE4 limitations. I've even built the engine source code to change the max resolution of the rendertargetcube to 8k. Now I know why Epic is locking it at 2k hehe!

    But yea, right now for me it's easier to have the engine do the post-work (adding fog, DoF, color balance, volumetric effects, LUTs, etc.) than doing it myself in Photoshop in post-prod. It's a limitation for me unfortunately.

    I think for pure interior design, ue4 artists have proven that it's possible to make very nice stuff. For environment work too. Now I want to see bigger scale exterior renderings made with Unreal. For pure exterior shots, I'm sure you can use 100% dynamic lighting and avoid lightmaps completely.

    I've made a test with a huge sketchup model of about 4600 objects. I managed to bake it. It's ''possible'' but it's messy and the building time can skyrocket to a point it's not viable imo. The very same model used with 100% dynamic lighting works very well. And with some trickery I think can look very good. I'll try to post pictures soon. To compensate for the very accurate G.I you would get with vray tho, you have to make sure you have outstanding materials and flawless composition. I want to make something similar to UE4arch church scene. The main reason I built a custom ue4 engine with 8k rendertargetcube is to use it to fake reflections in my glass metarial. If I can have faked but high res reflections, it's gonna look good I think. I also started to use decals massively instead of having complex materials, with layers or vertex painting. Decals are so flexible! I'm making rust/leaks/creases with decals all over my scene!

    I really hope we see more exterior arch-viz soon... Stay tuned!
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      Cool! I have yet to see a great exterior in UE4 except perhaps Koola's Barcelona Pavilion and even those have some things I don't like.

      Can you explain to me why textures look so bad in general, they all look low rez to me. I haven't seen one good concrete texture from a straight on view, when at a glancing angle they look okay but straight on they just look terrible to me.


        Imo UE4 materials are very nice. It's going to be even better when we get access to photoscanned stuff like

        I think the bad materials you see are because people use bad textures to start with! Personally, I only use Arroway textures nowadays. They are awesome

        Have you ever seen the map outpost-23 from the new unreal tournament? It's looking dangerously real. Apply the same quality and level of details for archviz and it's awesome.

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          Yeah I use Arroway textures too. The detail is nice on those but it still looks like a game.

          Are those Megascans available for other engines already?
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            There are beta testers for the product but it's not ready for the public yet. They're not bound to any engine I think, they're just super high res maps that you can use with the renderer of your choice. Obviously they'll probably look even better in vray but they still look amazing in UE4!


              Cool, looking forward to that!


                The lighting is verrrry good on latest ue4arch scene :


                  Beautiful! Now it's looking really good. Is that with 4.11?
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                    Yes, and it's the subject of their upcoming video-course. They are waiting for 4.11 to be officially released to publish the course.


                      Nice! The glass still looks bad in the second scene but that's not their fault.