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Exterior/Interior Visualization in Unreal Engine

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    Originally posted by heartlessphil View Post
    What is going to be the price Raghu, have you decided yet?
    Yup, I'm awaiting the price too...


      HI RAGHU ,
      To speak out from my heart u r my hero ,my inspriation,i am really really proud of ur work , i am an architectural visualizer working in chennai ,i know only google sketchup and i render stuff in keyshot (product highlighting software but i use it for architectural purpose ) . i am from commerce background and i learnt all by myself didnt go for any course ,i came to know abt ue4 recently and i fell in love with this software . i am trying to learn it from online but i am really finding it hard to learn it as very less tutorials are there for this engine and for the modelling software i know (sketchup) . i really want to know wheather u teach any course on unreal engine in ur native place i am even ready to quit my job and shift from chennai to learn this software from you .or do u teach any online course on this . pls help me out awaiting for your reply .

      Thankyou regards ,
      Satish (9962859654)


        @Raghu : Very nice indeed.
        One thing you can try is to have separate levels for Interior and Exterior. You can use Level streaming to make it look seamless. Probably, you will get more control on Lighting in that way.

        I have couple of questions.
        What is the fps you are getting for exterior?
        That vegetation/trees, are they from SpeedTree?