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Architectural Visualization and Light Maps workflow

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    Cool thanks!
    Very interesting, i'm wondering why this tips of creating good lightmaps are so rare, epic should upload a bit more dokumenation or tutorials about creating the *perfect* lightmap.
    I'm reading the very first time about this 1+1 pixel border... that should be left.


      In mine I put a maximum of 512, still much work to do but I think you should look at something more than simply raise the Light Map Resolution to cover mistakes.

      Separates objects, I put doors, handles, frames, all separately and each with its uv chanel 2.


        Originally posted by Adik View Post
        For testing meshes i'm uising simple Directlight "sun" and skylight. For a door frame which has around 1000 tris, i tested so far 256, 512 and 1024 lightmaps.
        The door frame lightmaps are not so bad, they look ok but they have some small imperfections. I will post later other shots, with other meshes, where the lightmap imperfections are bigger.

        For the door frame, when uisng a darker material, basically this would fix a lot or at least make the dark spots not really vissible. But i simply love to work with bright / white colors.

        As JMSC pointed out, you have issues with too little padding and too much stichting. The UV setup needs to be refined a bit.

        Stich things that are probably lit, and detach stuff that is probably a shadow area. And give them all more space in between, so you won't have bleeding or the black borders.