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The corridor...

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    The corridor...

    hi all...

    ive just finnished my first project in CG...i used a lot of softwares but almost all the

    work were done and render with was a beautiful experience...what a wonderful engine really...

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    Welcome to the forums Cyberkho! Nice work on the video, you really nailed the atmosphere. =)

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      thank you SE_JonF

      it's really motivating what you just know im just a beginner and I try to make the most of this engine...for the atmosphere I just played with the fog and the post process did the rest...matinee is a very impressive tool and I have not explored everything...unfortunately icouldnt make my movie from it because it makes my engine crash...i had to use fraps...anyway if possible i want to hear some critics from the community in order to improve my future work...

      thx to all in advance...and keep up the good work...