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Archinterior conversion (Evermotion) + VXGI tests

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    Very nice quality conversion man! I'm converting Evermotion's Salk Institute myself. Big exterior project. With vxgi I'm at 30-40 fps with the completed scene. VXGI is hardware accelerated on my gtx 980 tho, I guess it helps. Still tweaking it. Your results are encouraging, keep up the good work.

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  • started a topic Archinterior conversion (Evermotion) + VXGI tests

    Archinterior conversion (Evermotion) + VXGI tests

    Hello, guys.

    Here are some screens of a conversion I'm working on for study purposes. It's an Evermotion Archinterior (29). You can find and buy it here:
    Next step is to manually adjust the Unwrap UVW on the walls to get rid of some lightmap leaks.

    I'm also testing Nvidia VXGI on this scene to have an idea on how it performs with interior archviz. It's a pretty heavy tech, but I see it as a great dynamic GI option in the near future.

    Lightmaps: No geometry optimization, most of the work here is to get the materials right. Lightmass quality is set to 10, 100 bounces, scale 0.7 and smoothness 0.7

    VXGI tests: This is a quick test with almost no optimizations. VXGI is on for almost all the lights (just one of the table group has it) and cones amount is 16. Performance is something like 10fps on a GTX780. Resolution is the same of the screenshots. Just the sunlight, two kitchen balcony lamps and one table lamp has shadows on. No voxel reflections, just SSR.

    I'll keep testing and updating this thread with new results.
    Comments, suggestions, critics and questions are all welcome
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