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Real Time Interior - WARNING! Lots of picutres

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    I believe Architect Ashraf was asking what modeling software you used.
    this is my question too as I am brand new to UE4.

    What would you say was the most useful source of information you found
    to be beneficial to us in the arch viz. department.

    I know there are a lot of tutorials/videos, but what did you find the most useful?

    What was the biggest challenge you had with this video?

    Thank you for your time - bob


      Nice work Lucas3D.

      Would you mind sharing your FPS camera settings? Everything in "real life mesures (cm)" I import to UE4 it seems stretched with the default FPS BluePrint from the engine.


        Just wanted to say what an amazing project you've done.

        My brother & myself are newcomers to UE4 (he has some knowledge in modelling engines).
        We really want to model our old grandfather's 2-story house. We have all the sketches & dimensions.
        My brother will model everything in Cinema4D.

        I wanted to know if you can maybe give us some tips on the best approach to building it, i.e. -
        (1) Which modelling engine did you use ? Cinema4D ? 3DMax ? Maya ?
        (2) Did you build each room separately in the model engine & then import it into UE4 -
        or did you build it all as a single 3D object and import it into UE4 ?
        or maybe you modeled each single object in the modelling engine and then 'tied' it all together in UE4 ?
        (like model the left wall, then import into UE4, then model the right wall, then import it into UE4, etc)
        (3) Did you export the meshes & materials & textures from the modelling engine into UE4 - or did you
        only export the meshes & textures and then created materials in UE4 ?

        I have some more questions that might help us out, but anything you can share regarding HOW you worked on this -
        will be EXTREMELY helpful for us to start working on this hobby-project (a dream we have had for years).

        Thank you so much !