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    I see where your problem is in the UV map. Bottom Center row of each of the groups. Stupid question, have you tried to select all the polys, flatten, and sort by material? Or you can do it by hand if that doesn't work.

    Anyways, I tried the auto-UV lightmap and it's ok.. Still getting some shadow artifacts with normal scene lighting. For anyone curious, while setting up collisions, uv mapping, etc.. of a few dozen models, I recorded a ">5 minute tutorial" on the process (although it seems that everyone here is too advanced for it! )

    And with that, I'm going to bed.
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      I don't know how viable is my workflow but I'm getting the best results I've ever had with lightmass. I also use the automatic lightmap creation on import only. I just take my meshes in 3ds max and break them in as many parts as that each part gets a decent lightmap when I import, then I adjust the resolution in ue4, usually between 250 and 1024.

      For example, I've done this with a simple chair, broke it in 8 parts. Resolutions ranging from 64 to 512). I also this this with a telescope for one of my scene, broke the model in 10 parts I think...ended up looking perfect in ue4. Baking can take a while but once it's done it's done! I also only have 8gb of ram. Soon upgrading to 32. Use swarm agent if you have access to multiple pcs!!!