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Scalability Issue

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    Scalability Issue

    Hi all, I've been having problems when setting my scenes scalability to medium or low.

    It turns my screen white, I can still select my objects but everything is white.

    As soon as I turn the scalability back to high the lighting turns back to normal.

    Have anyone experienced this? I'm quite new to unreal so don't mind my ignorance..

    Any help appreciated!

    Are you talking about engine scalability? The visual quality level? I tried setting it to medium and after all the shaders were rebuilt it seems to be working. Although it was a lot darker. Try updating your video card drivers. What video card are you using? There might be some features disabled on medium or low settings. You may have to tweak some lights to get a good result and you may have to rebuild lighting.

    However - as an ArchViz person I would never set it to anything else than epic. Do you have performance problems?
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      Thanks for the reply, I'm talking about visual quality scalability.I'll have a look again when I have time.
      I'm currently using 2 x 1080ti and using Nvidia Studio Driver 442.92.

      I had a pretty large scene and it was starting to lag so I was trying to find ways to make the navigation much smoother.
      Also I'm guessing the way unreal handles files would be much slow than how Rhino would?