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    SunSky Issue

    Hi, I'm totally new to UE4 and It is my first post here. I tried to find this issue in the forum, but I didn't find it. I'm trying to rotate the Directional Light using the coordinates or Ctrl + L, but When I build the scene It reset and goes back to the original point. If I do that using the Latitude, Longitude, Time Zone, and North Offset it works normally. Can someone help me why It is happening?

    I read the additional notes:

    "It's possible to manually change rotational values of the Directional Light in the SunSky Actor. However, when you change other settings that affect other parts of the SunSky Actor, your manually adjusted rotational values will be reset to the default position. This prevents contradicting values incorporated with the idea of a geolocated calculation."

    but I'm not changing other settings, just the Position and of course the Intensity.

    Many thanks!

    Try rotating with the rotation tool. Select the directional light with a click, then click+hold with the Rotate tool enabled (at top of viewport between Translate and Scale tools), and drag to rotate it. It's preset in the SunSky, so perhaps if it doesn't work using the Rotate tool, remove it as an inherited actor from the SunSky actor. Or delete it in the SunSky, and add a new, separate one. However, that's removing the functionality of the SunSky with its Lat/Long and other settings to get dynamically changed.

    The other option is to use dynamic lighting. But perhaps there's a blueprint node or call that disables the reset to default that's built into it.


      Well if you're changing the intensity you're clearly changing "other settings that affect other parts of the SunSky Actor"

      Anyway, that blueprint is made for you to use the geolocation feature. If you want to reposition the Sun but keep the geolocation accuracy, you need to use the North Offset.

      If you want to manually position the Sun with total freedom, you can use the components separately. Drop a Sky Atmosphere, a Skylight and a Directional Light in your scene and you'll have exactly the same effect of the SunSky. Just remember to turn on "Atmosphere / Fog SunLight" checkbox in your Directional Light details so it will be synced with the atmosphere and provide sky color variation accordingly with Sun position.
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