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A strange sphere on glass

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    A strange sphere on glass

    I should start by saying I'm quite new to UE, it has been around 1 month learning everyday.

    My problem is that on some windows in one side I get a strange sphere that I don't know where it comes from and from the other side of the glass I get distortion like A LOT of refraction.
    The strange things is that when I'm on lit mode everything seems fine, but it all happens when I go into path tracing mode.
    I have compared the material settings to other windows and the glass material is the same, the meshes have the same settings. I really searched for answers but without any luck.

    I have disabled the sphere reflections and its still the same. I also made sure the mesh has volume and in the original software all faces are facing the exterior.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance
    Pedro Nascimento

    Below is an image where I have some screenshots, on the left in LIT MODE and on the right PATH TRACING MODE

    The window with 3 glasses is fine on both sides, the 2 glass window I see a sphere on the outside and in the 1 glass window I see the sphere inside.
    Click image for larger version

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    Have you read about the Path Tracer? If I recall correctly, it generates spheres to display data of refraction, and it's also a noise-heavy mode. It's basically a visualization mode, and not a final render mode. Look it up in the docs and it describes and explains a bit about it. The non-Path Tracer screenshots look excellent.