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make a duplicate of piloted blueprint/pawn while flying around

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    make a duplicate of piloted blueprint/pawn while flying around

    Hi there,

    Quick wrap-up in the beginning:
    I am looking for the possibility to copy a blueprint by its own construction-script.

    here is the detailed explanation:

    so i am setting up a pawn-system, that mimics traditional realtime-visualizer like VRED.

    My targets are:
    - Orbit navigation with some live-camera Adjustments at runtime
    -Setting up basic camera settings outside the blueprint, from the Details in the Editor.(ease of use!)
    -making several viewpoints (including camera setups) that you can transition to in the editor

    The basic settings are done: turning around the object, setting up the camera works fine.
    I decided to go for a "duplicate"-workflow. So you make a duplicate of the cam set it up like you want it and it will be automatic part of the show.

    My biggest issue is the ease of creating those viewpoints.
    I would like to make it as easy as possible.
    I think using the "Pilot"-Mode is essential to see what you get.
    My idea would be to expose a boolean which would run a command like the following (which does not work!) in the construction script:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_01.JPG Views:	0 Size:	85.6 KB ID:	1728026
    the Add Camera function would do this:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_02.JPG Views:	0 Size:	144.6 KB ID:	1728028 ..but as i wrote, it does not work. No Errors, but nothing happens too.

    so at the moment what you would have to do is:
    you would navigate to your point of desire, change the values of the camera.
    After that, you would hit ctrl-w and you would get your duplicate.
    But altough in the Outliner your new copy would be selected, your pilotcamera is still the old one.
    So there is a big chance you would change camera settings of the camera you are not looking at.

    So i am looking for an option to make a duplicate of the actual blueprint which will be still active after that command.
    I would love to do it by blueprint, but any way would be fine...

    I hope you can follow.
    Thank you guys!


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