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Limit Moves & rotation in a Arch Vis Character

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    Limit Moves & rotation in a Arch Vis Character

    Hi to all...

    I want to include an ArchVis Character in my first UE4 Project. I want to limit Pitch rotation(-30º to +30º) and quit the option of roll rotation, and quit the option of side and vertical movements, only forward and backwards movements.

    It´s possible to do it converting the ArchVis Character in a BP Actor? where can i find some info ot tut about it?

    Thank you in advance...

    You can have a look into the inner workings of the FirstPersonBP. In the input events, the is axis value that add up to the rotation. Since it is an addition to roll/pitch/yaw, you cant really clamp it, so you have to take the existing roll/pitch/yaw value and add the input axis. That way you can apply clamp (angle) to each of the roll/pitch/yaw value.