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First architectural project / Feedback + Tips

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    First architectural project / Feedback + Tips

    Hello Unreal community!

    I've started my first architectural project in UE4. I've put some meshes together and set up a little scene for the start. I'll attach some photos so you can take a look at it. I know, there is not much in the scene yet, but I've wanted some feedback from the Unreal community. So take a look and leave me feedback and tips if you like.
    (All meshes are created by myself and I've used textures from, and I've created some on my own)

    I'm looking forward for some answers.


    A good first attempt.

    First things first, it looks like you need to crank up your lightmap resolution - that will give you a smoother finish to how light and shadow is presented on the surfaces in the scene, avoiding the strange overly bright ceiling and overly dark corners etc. You can also, in a roundabout way, achieve this by increasing the build settings, but I'd recommend getting to know lightmap resolutions first.

    I would also look on the marketplace at the various free things you can download, such as the Automotive materials pack, or the Substance for Unreal plugin. Both of these examples will give you some really nice materials. Of course, it pays to know how to create your own, but these are useful to understand that too. There are plenty of other free assets out there, Epic Games kindly provide a number every month to all users.

    Lastly, take a look at architectural interior photography examples on somewhere like archdaily. You can get some great ideas on how best to present your project in a way that highlights the things you want to focus on. It can make a big difference to how a project looks.

    Plenty more to learn, but you're just getting started. Just keep playing around is the best advice I can give.
    Eliot Blenkarne
    Warren and Mahoney Architects ltd


      Hello Visualisation,

      thank you for your kind answer. I'll take your tips into account and hope, I get better with time.