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Epic acquires Twinmotion

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    Honestly when I heard about the acquisition I thought it was so that Epic could kill Twinmotion off.
    Lewis Garrison
    Co-Founder and Lead Illustrator at VIZfire
    Architect at Partners by Design


      Can we get an option to adjust keyboard shortcuts? Switching between Unreal and Twinmotion for different projects is made more difficult for muscle memory by Q and E being reversed in each application. If keyboard shortcuts aren't planned, then maybe at least have the same commands?

      Also, any word on the planned bridge?
      Richard Frost

      Head of VR & AR
      Pilbrow & Partners


        twice now my monitors went black and I had to restart my PC when using Twinmotion
        the second time just starting it
        I ran the Uningine heaven benchmark afterwards and my 980ti did not crash
        am worried my card is dying but seems OK rendering in most things
        except once using Octane too the only other time it happened but that was just after a big Windows update July18
        I know of two other people it happened to as well, updated my driver then too
        since then fine until I used Twinmotion today
        usually a crash recovers this didn't

        it might be this update
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