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Epic acquires Twinmotion

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    Honestly when I heard about the acquisition I thought it was so that Epic could kill Twinmotion off.
    Lewis Garrison
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      Can we get an option to adjust keyboard shortcuts? Switching between Unreal and Twinmotion for different projects is made more difficult for muscle memory by Q and E being reversed in each application. If keyboard shortcuts aren't planned, then maybe at least have the same commands?

      Also, any word on the planned bridge?
      Richard Frost

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        twice now my monitors went black and I had to restart my PC when using Twinmotion
        the second time just starting it

        it might be this update

        was solved going back a Nvidia driver
        nevermind my 980ti kicked the bucket, I am now using my old 760 and it is working really well considering I cannot render iray in DAZ studio on it even as everything exceeds it and goes to CPU, UE4 works well on this card too so I might need to render all my animations in Twinmotion and UE4
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          Hi, I am not sure if this is the correct thread for this, but have recently downloaded your free beta version of Twinmotion & have been testing it for my firm. I am very excited to see the direction your development takes. This type software is exactly what my small firm needs next & has has been extremely easy to learn & use with surprisingly good results. I have been looking at Twinmotion vs Lumion for a while & would like to offer a couple recommendations which would lead me to purchase your next version of Twinmotion.

          1) Please give us support for a 3d Connexion mouse. This is the single biggest reason I have not purchased one of the programs already. MANY users of this genre software are not from a gaming background & find the 3d mouse an enormous time (& keystroke) saver. Virtually ALL of my other architectural cad programs support the 3d mouse.

          2) Although the interface is very easy to pick up, it would be great to be able to resize & shrink the icons for both toolbar areas. I am sure many users will be designing on 1 or more 24"+ monitors & there is a lot of wasted space in this instance. Conversely, if you are going to fix that amount of space, a small hierarchical set of folders could easily replace all the "more buttons" for quicker access.

          3) Since we will almost always start by importing a model - the ability to specify a location on import would be great. Especially for instances where we may import several models with specific location requirements.

          4) For material creation & adjustment, having a menu which would access all of the material maps in one place rather than under multiple tabs (Color-more, Reflection-more, Settings-Metallicness-more, etc) would greatly aid new material creation & map adjustment.

          I am eagerly awaiting your next (first unreal) release. - Thank You


            this is a silly question but nonetheless I am unsure about the EULA as it is the same game engine and company
            Can I use the free and demo UE4 assets in Twinmotion legally?
            The various village construction kits etc free each month or permanently FBX or obj exported..
            I sort would like to know before I start creating some cinematic that goes viral etc!


              Is it possible now or in the future to open and use Twinmotion projects in the Unreal engine to work further on a project?


                Originally posted by Daniel.IAO View Post
                Is it possible now or in the future to open and use Twinmotion projects in the Unreal engine to work further on a project?
                I would bet that will become possible in the future.