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wip / game mode?

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    wip / game mode?

    Hi All,
    I am posting some WIP of a arch viz space I am working on. Has anyone run into the issue that the overall lighting will change when you toggle on the game mode ( g key ). I do medium bake then toggle on the g key and its different?

    Thanks all

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    Could be some things set to 'Hidden in Game Mode', could be that in editor mode you have real time rendering turned off (Ctrl-r to toggle that). I'm sure there are tons of other settings that could cause game mode to look different than not game mode. That's why game mode exists as a quick and easy way to see what it's (probably) going to look like in the actual game. I wouldn't worry too much about them looking different, and just get in the habit of toggling game mode on and off as you're evaluating lighting and things.