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problems Shadow quality with my project

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    Everyone has his own way to do the building mesh. Mine is
    • separate the floor from the building mesh. Make the floor boxes and not just a plane or add a large box below the floor mesh. This will avoid light bleeding.
    • I keep all interior walls and the ceiling one mesh. If it gets too big you can separate it where there is a logical separation in the building. You don't want separation in the middle of a wall. This will always cause problems. Best is separate at doorways where the frame covers the seam.
    • With multiple meshes make sure there are always vertexes at the same spot on both meshes where they join or otherwise light bleeding is almost guaranteed.
    • I use box mapping for the UVs of the meshes and then create the 2nd lightmap UV inside the editor. Once the mesh is complete and there are no more changes I create a 2nd UV for the walls and stitch the INNER corners together. The light on both sides of a inner corner will always be the same or very similar. Then I let unreal rearrange the 2nd UV islands. This is more reliable and better than in 3ds max. (Create a lightmap in unreal with the source being 1 and the target being 1)
    • I always have an exterior mesh separated from the interior mesh. The windows will cover up the seams. I always have wall polygons outside even if they are never visible. This will avoid light bleeding in most cases. - If it still bleeds I put a simple geometry inside the wall which often helps. Or place a very low light on the side where it should be dark but is lit from the other side of the wall.
    My experience is that textures can cover up a lot of lighting problems. If you have everything white you need to be more careful and raise the resolutions. My experience is also that the end client often doesn't care too much about small shadow problems or won't notice them at all. Only some marketing people do.
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      thx for you help
      Makigirl I followed your advice, i create the house with Sketchup and i created a mesh for all wall, the result is much better, but i have always little default on edge.

      Now i have an other question about movable door.
      if you look the picture you can see that the door is not affected in the same way by the light. the directional light and the skylight are set to Stationary.

      Click image for larger version

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      Thx again


        Yeah, this is always a problem. Movable objects will always look different. They have no baked lighting and get only one bounce. You could use a slightly tweaked material to counter the difference. Make it a bit darker than the other doors and apply it only to the movable doors. - Also you always need a reflection capture actor. I can't see one here.
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