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Datasmith messing up textures with Sampler type as normal maps

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    Datasmith messing up textures with Sampler type as normal maps

    Hi, we have a problem when importing projects from 3dsmax and corona render, Some of the materials come as a normal map in the diffuse slot, the problem is that when we check the texture, the texture that is placed on the diffuse is the correct diffuse, but its messesd up, we need to find again the original texture and replace all the nodes with this one, and we have A LOT of nodes in the fabric shaders, so here are a bunch of screenshots...
    Any one with a solution for it?
    When I try to manually change the sampler type to color the sm5 nodesampler texture error comes up

    If you change the sampler type, you have to re-add the texture to the material editor. I just delete the node and drag/drop the texture back in.


      Hi, thx for the response, but is there a way to avoid the error in the first place??


        same thing happening to me , I'm interested to know why it's occurring in the first place.



          somehow we missed that post as we generally monitor the Unreal Studio forum for datasmith issues.

          Can you please send you archived max model containing only that object and relevant submaps to our team? we will have a look.

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