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User Interface for ArchViz on the Marketplace

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    User Interface for ArchViz on the Marketplace

    NEW UPDATED VERSION AVAILABLE! Scroll down a few posts.


    I submitted a new user interface to the marketplace. It is quite flexible and would suite anyone who doesn't have his own user interface or doesn't know how to build one. It's 100% blueprint. Everything can be entered into the floor plan blueprint that you place in your level. No blueprint knowledge is required. It works in 4.19 and 4.20 at the moment. Here is a link.

    Check it out on the marketplace

    Or check out a page with a bit more detailed info about it than on the marketplace

    Finally here is a user guide how to implement it to a project

    Please let me know if you have any further questions about it.
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    ArchViz User Interface :: UE4 Marketplace.

    If anyone has tried it, kindly share a review please? This looks promising.


      Looks so good. The layout is super clean and UI style is spot on. Nice work!
      Have a great day,

      Josh Bridger LinkedIn
      Graphics Artist @ 3DLABS


        I made a longer video about this marketplace ArchViz User Interface. The first half shows the main features of the Interface.

        The 2nd half is an editor recording. It shows all the data that is entered in the main blueprint for the example scene that comes with the user interface. Then it demonstrates how to add material swaps within a couple of minutes for a couch set.
        ArchViz User Interface :: UE4 Marketplace.


          There is a major update available for this interface. With 3 new features:

          Check it out on the marketplace
          • Object / mesh swaps: The user can now change between up to 13 static mesh variations. It blends into the rest of the interface and uses the same auto created thumbs
          • Sequence player: You can now play sequences available in the project. (It only plays sequences, not depreciated matinees afaik)
          • World travel: This lets you have multiple scenes in the project and link them together. Every scene has its own interface. Good for multiple apartments or houses in the same project. I included a 2nd small apartment to demonstrate this.
          It also has improvements to the original features, like:
          • lists are now sorted by alphabet
          • interaction actors don't have to be in non-streaming levels anymore. Now the list of choices is generated on the fly and not when the app starts (begin play). This allows you to use the lighting scenario feature for layout variations using static lighting for each layout.
          • Custom names for choices
          • Exclude or include interactive actors from colour schemes. Before all were always included.
          The update is available for version 4.21 (onward). Due to the fact that blueprints are not backwards compatible the 4.19-20 versions don't have that update.

          This is not a new marketplace product. If you already purchased this then you can update for free. Thanks!

          New features overview / demonstration video

          Some more detail about the mesh swap feature is in this video

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          ArchViz User Interface :: UE4 Marketplace.


            Already tested and works great!! Thanks Stefan!!



              great job. so much interactivity and full control to player.
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                On my short list, will be picking this one up. Great Job


                  Flash sale! 50% off!

                  ArchViz User Interface :: UE4 Marketplace.