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'Min Lightmap Resolution': Any way to batch edit?

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    Another way to do it would be to allow the user to change the settings during the mesh import
    • be able to set a light map resolution in the import window. Let's say you would set that to 256, the imported mesh would have a light map resolution set to 256 for (optional) creating a light map in the build settings and the light map resolution in the static mesh section would be set to 256.
    • and be able to decide from which channel the (optional) light map should be build and which channel to store it in.
    Then by clicking on "import all" it would use that setting for every mesh in the import cue. And it would use the settings of the last imported mesh as default for the next mesh. It just requires to make the right choice during import.

    I understand that every mesh is different and a light map setting that is correct for a tiny object like a plate might be totally wrong for a giant building mesh. So there is no real good "default setting". But this way the default could be changed during the import process and would be right for many more assets per project. If I make 10 kitchen cabinets they would all have the same settings pretty much. It would help a lot.

    Another thing that would be helpful is to set the light map resolution in the static mesh section automatically to the same value as the one in the build section. I know there are cases where the two values are different but that's very rare. You could always go to the static mesh section and adjust it if you have to.
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      Originally posted by Vollgaser View Post

      b) UE stores the import settings per asset, and then when we re-import it suggest/prests these settings but gives us the chance to manually override/change them so we can also import with other settings

      In day to day work its really a pain in the ahhss to remember /note down manually which import / reduction /collision / lightmap settings you have figured yout that work PER MODEL and re-enter them again over and over!
      Isn't that how it is now already? If you right click on the asset and choose re-import from the context menu the settings will stay. If you import the mesh over the old one the settings will reset to default.
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