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    Cinch Loft

    Hello all,

    I've just finished my latest personal project and I thought I would share it with the group. I tried to imagine what a living space would look like if you rehabilitated a loft but kept some of the roughness and markings of people who had been there before. More images on Behance or Artstation and I'm currently putting together a video using sequencer that I hope to have on youtube later today. I hope it inspires everyone here to continue doing your own great work and of course any suggestions or comments are warmly welcomed, they always help me get better. (I hope...)

    Some details for those who are curious:
    Built the loft shell in Maya, textures are mostly the Substance materials that come with Unreal Studio. All the props were purchased from Evermotion (available in the Epic store but cheaper if you visit their site directly)

    Youtube video:

    Thanks again!
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    Nice work, Russell! You've demonstrated a good understanding of the tools. I'd challenge you to focus on some of the details to take this from good to great.

    Just some critique and thoughts - mostly subjective!

    I'm not a fan of the grunge on the camera lens. Or are those particles?
    The skylight is cool - I wish I could see more detail on that.
    Is that 2 fridges? Also, where does the resident sleep? What about storage?
    I don't see any power outlets, diffusers, switches, sprinklers, or thermostats. These little details can help provide a lot of detail. EDIT: I see one!
    Have you considered mixing up the materials on the walls? That brick material for all of the walls would be super expensive and perhaps prohibitive for a loft.
    Your lighting looks pretty good, but I've noticed a couple lightmap issues. In particular, the sofa away from the wall and the rug under the dining table.
    That window wall looks super interesting. I'd love to see more of a focus on that and maybe a close up of some details there.

    Great work!
    Steve Biegun
    Virtual Design Manager


      Thanks so much Steve! I know everyone's time is valuable so it means quite a bit to me to get this sort of considered feedback.

      - Yes, those are dust particles, it was an attempt to give it more life but clearly I went overboard. I'll consider removing or dialing way down.
      - I didn't do a great job on building the mesh for that skylight (was experimenting in Blender vs Maya) so I am purposely hiding my shame ;-)
      - Yup, two fridges, they were small and I liked the symmetry. (one holds the beer?) Overall I would agree though, it isn't the most realistic home in terms of layout and materials.
      - Wooops, you're right! I started building out light switches and outlets on that one wall then completely blanked on the rest. Will have to add those.
      - Nice catch again, I will have to dial up the lightmass settings on that couch in particular, some of these evermotion assets can be finicky.

      Thank you for calling out the window wall! The entire project started when I saw a picture of a loft with a wall like that and I thought it would be interesting to try and recreate in Unreal.


        No problem - glad to offer feedback. You're going in a strong direction and this could be a really great portfolio piece as you develop your expertise.

        That skylight could be a centerpiece for that kitchen area and you could make some cool shadows with a fancy skylight. This comes to mind:
        Are you using a workflow that allows you to easily re-import and update meshes as you make changes in your scene?

        The 2 fridges idea is fine as long as it's good beer
        Steve Biegun
        Virtual Design Manager


          Funny you should link to that article on UE4 light studies, I read it just the day before and checked out his Artstation images. It's fantastic stuff and really inspiring. I'm planning to do a series of my own just working on light and getting better at creating mood and drama without worrying about what detail mesh goes where ;-) I think pushing myself to get better lighting out of that skylight is an excellent suggestion, I'll post the results here when I get a better version.

          Thanks again for the feedback!