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UE4 ArchViz walktrough in browser

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    UE4 ArchViz walktrough in browser

    Hi, Unrealers

    I'm new in Unreal Engine world, so I have question.
    As I understand clients ask for exe files and animation in avi format. Do they need for realtime walktrough in web browser? If they do, what are best solution for this issue?

    You can provide the final result as a program (.exe) where they could install it on their computer and walk through it. You could record a walkthrough using Sequencer:
    And that would allow you to render an animation so you could provide them with a video file.
    If you want a fully interactive walkthrough in a browser, you would have to build your project for HTML5 output:
    However, it would still essentially be running on their computer and would have some feature limitations.


      Hi Carlo,

      I work for Cloudalize, who have developed a solution called MyGDaaS, which is suitable for showcasing projects built in Unreal Engine without the need for a powerful computer.
      The project is hosted on our systems, that have a powerful GPU, and can be shown to the end-user from a web-browser, using any simple device.The device does not need a powerful GPU, because only the pixels (images) are streamed to the web browser, much like watching a video on YouTube or Netflix. Our platform is capable of streaming at 60 frames per second, making it ideal for instance for projects like real-estate showcasing with real-time walkthrough.
      If you would like more info, or a demo, please contact us via

      Best regards,