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Excessive color bleed

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  • Excessive color bleed

    I am facing this problem that I haven had before.
    I have this large lobby, most of the walls and flooring are light gray or white, but there are these Birchwood slats (image), and they are creating this incredible color bleed.
    I tried to desaturate the wood texture, but I am loosing too much color. Is there a way to overwrite the color bleed for that object or material?? or any other workaround?
    Thank you.
    Francisco Penaloza.
    Sr. Visualization Artist
    HMC Architects

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    You could possibly desaturate the texture before building lighting then turn it back to normakl after one, this would not trigger a 'Lighting needs to be rebuilt' message.

    To do this double click your texture in the content browser, then turn saturation to 0.2 (or whatever works) then build lighting then turn it back to 1.

    It down to GI bounces, maybe try something with GI colour? put a post process volume around the affected area then set the GI bounce colour (I forget its exact name)


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      I've had this issue before. What you need to do is use a GIReplace node in your wood material


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        If im not wrong there is also an option which controls the saturation of color bounce in GI, oterwise the GIReplace node will also work.


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          I ran into this problem and my solution or one of my solution was to render everything or bake the lights using a white materials on the walls and floors and then apply the texture once the lighting has been baked


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            Check the diffuse boost setting in your material.