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Help and advices : Render to texture

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    Help and advices : Render to texture

    Skysphere, Mesh LOD, Rendre to texture

    Hi guys, sorry it's a copy/past from the VR topic, i hope i'll get some answers.
    I have some questions
    I'm working on an VR environment experience for mobile phone (student year-end project) and i would like have some feedback on "how to do it"
    The environment would be a static 360 skysphere within some interactive 3D models (just a hover/highlight/outline with text).
    Due to the platform which is limited, this is what i have in mind :
    - Create the scene within UE with top notch quality/light
    - Export the scene in a 360 HDR format
    - Bake some 3d model from the scene, via the "render to texture" process, in order to use them later inside the mobile version with the previous skysphere for a "good looking" render.

    The point is, that i have some difficulties to understand the "render to texture" process.
    1st point : Is there some kind of newbie step by step tutorial, somewhere beside the webinar from Epic and official ressource ??
    Because i tried the render to texture blueprint, with the unwrap mesh checked, and to be honest i don't know what to do next in order to capture my unwrapped mesh.
    there are several way to capture a texture in the video but, no clue, on how to capture a mesh texture with the light bakin after a light build. I mean like a true baking inside 3D modeler software.
    2nd point : Like i said, the final project would be for mobile phone, so i couldn't use the "high poly" mesh (15-20K per object) from the scene. May i use the mesh LOD optimizer from UE in order to decrease the 3D mesh polycount, without ****up the uv map (0-1)??? Does it work ? Or i have to work with a low poly mesh version from the beginning (for the "interactive" mesh; i mean).

    Thanks for your feedbacks !