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My very first Unreal Engine project

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    My very first Unreal Engine project

    Hi folks, just want to say hello to the members and show an "archviz".
    As the title says, I´m totally new to Unreal Engine in general. Hope to get some feeback and maybe you drop here a line.
    Nice rest of the weekend and greetings from Frankfurt/Germany!

    (UE 4.16/C4D16,Z-Brush,CC15,WorldMachine(Basic) and Knald (Demo)

    pretty neat well done. I like the waterdrops on the window. A thing I don't like is the filter you used in the outside shots. the image is a little too blurry and colorless. but thats only my taste


      Good job for a first project! I personally would like to see more colors in it, though I like artistic angles and camera movement.


        If this is your First project in ue4 and you stick to your ideas , I'm pretty sure that we can see in the future some excellent realizations from you.


          Thanx for the nice words.
          I´m still not sure... with more colors, the rest of "realism" is somehow gone. Hard to bring exterior and interior shots together in one grading. Next privat project should be CAD visualization of a machine in a studio shot. Now I understand the basics better and i dont want to do the same error like in this project: to start too big! ;-)


            I really like it, its really good, especially for a first project.
            Just a few technical improvements:

            -In the first second you can see the lightmaps loading on the telescope. You can pre-load these before recording by using a Delay node of a few seconds before starting the recording.
            -There are a few texture glitches that you can prevent by using power of 2 textures (512x512, 1024x1024 etc)
            -On some models (like the chairs) you can see the polygon edges, which breaks the illusion. I would just use some more polygons to smooth those out since UE4 can render polygons very easily.

            As for the colour, I would try to find some reference of an apartment in similar lighting conditions and try to match your colours to that. That way it will be easier to keep it looking realistic.

            Good luck!
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              hi sandermer, thanks for advice amd tipps.
              your absolutely right with all the points you mentioned.

              the hopack textures on the sofa werent in the 2x2 size system. realized this to the end, so for the next time im smarter.;-)
              the "plopping" in lightmass textures are avoidable like u said. i will try it out with your technique. thanx for that
              to the polygon count, im still not sure. the result should be an vr experience in the future, and polycount matters i think. still trying to find the right balance of polycount and realistic impression. the chair i modelled 6 times i think.

              my modeling workflow is: low poly modelling in c4d, create the UVW, when necessary use subdivision surfaces (and create UVW again) and then get rid of polygons, which are not necessary for the shape of the model. sometimes i overdo it it seems. ;-/

              at the moment i try to visualize .STEP and solidworks CAD data and to convert it for unreal engine. just for fun to find a vonversion wirkflow. anyone has good advice?

              like i said, everything was the first time. learning curve starts flat in unreal