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    This is my 3d rendition of a part of Pitch House designed by Atelier M+A and photography by Jaume Albert Martí and Masaki Harimoto. The purpose of this was to learn and experiment with Unreal engine 4 for archviz. Textures were mostly handpainted with photo textures used as well for this piece. All models were made using Blender and rendered images from the Unreal Engine viewport.

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    Hi....i love this work....i love in animation this little Dust particles....can you tell me what is your light setup? and lightmass setings?Did you change lightmas.ini file? Love this work...


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      Thanks raiden1983,

      I didn't tweak the lightmass settings in the ini file. All adjustments were made for lightmass in the world settings. Ue4 I think is good enough now, tweaking in the .ini file is no longer needed. You need to play with the settings until you get something you are happy with. The settings are very scene dependent so what might work for one scene might not work for another imho. The scene was mainly lit with a direct light and skylight with interior lights where specified.