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Whats the best platform for presenting in VR?

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    Whats the best platform for presenting in VR?

    Hey guys,

    I have been looking for a VR solution that works with my GearVR, and I was hoping you could share some resources.

    Currently, the best platform Ive found is
    There, VR tours can be made from 360 panos in minutes and then accessed via the web, Android, iOS and GearVR apps. Moreover, I can view them in VR or non-VR

    Check out a preview of the results

    More info at

    What solutions do you use? Can you suggest something for me to try?

    I've heard krpano is very good. It's basically the same thing as i guess.

    An example with corona stereo renderings

    Made by Xoio


      Hey Phil,

      Yeah, I tried krpano before. The problem for me is its web only, so I cant use their stuff to present on my GearVR...

      Awesome tour though! Looks great, thanks for sharing!


        I bookmarked because it looks very intuitive! I'll give it a try!


          Indeed, its quite a fast and easy to use solution. Im still looking for people to suggest alternatives, though