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Question about Texturecoordinate/uv tiling

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    Question about Texturecoordinate/uv tiling

    Hello Guys,,

    I have a problem here.. I'm new to unreal engine,, and trying to learning it.. I get a problem when I'm trying to applying material to my model..
    For example, when i want to aplly wood material to my floor/wall.. the material in preview (sphere) looks okay, but when i applied it to my model, it didn't go that well..
    all i got is a wood color without texture (just plain).. i've been trying to applying the texture coordinate, and change the uTiling and vTiling..
    sometimes i need to change it to 0.001.. sometimes it work, but sometimes it wont..

    My question is.. How is this happen.. is there a problem when i modelled it in max.. I've been studying another UE project and they usually just use 1 for UTiling and VTiling..

    Can You guys give me some explanation on where i did wrong??
    PS: i used centimetres in MAX..

    Thanks in advanced.. Hope you can solve my problems..

    In 3ds max you need to assign a uvmap to your object. Use a checker square texture and make sure it fits well. Or better, take the texture you would use in ue4 and apply it in 3ds max, and again, carefully place it with the uv map modifier.