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Reset state machine in anim graph?

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    Reset state machine in anim graph?

    Hi y'all! I'm still struggling to transition from a cutscene made in Sequencer back into gameplay. I think I've finally got a lead on what's going wrong, though.

    Now, whenever I play an animation in Sequencer it sticks to the character, even after the animation has finished and the sequence is over. Looking at the character's Animation Blueprint, I noticed something happening:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ue4_animBP_wrong_slot.png
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    When I play an animation in Sequencer, the character stops getting information from their state machine. Even after the sequence is finished, this persists. For the record, I use the "FullBody" slot whenever I play an animation in Sequencer. I used to use the DefaultSlot, which is functionally identical, but the same problem occurred.

    Anyway, it seems to me that I need to reset the anim graph somehow, or else find a way to turn the character's state machine back on.

    Maybe? Truth is I'm just as lost as I have been for months, but this seems like the source of the issue. If anyone knows how to change this or has any suggestions, I'd be hugely grateful.
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