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Weird vertex distortion... please help

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    Weird vertex distortion... please help

    I'm out of energy I've been dealing with problems on this mesh for a week...

    does anybody know why the tips of this mesh's teeth are for some reason locked at the origin?
    Click image for larger version

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    Do you see what I mean? They aren't like that in Maya. I tried to just delete them in maya and reimport the mesh, but then it fails to import.. any ideas? please help.

    thank you.

    Look into weight normalization - depending on the normalization setting you choose when binding the mesh, you can sometimes run into this issue in maya itself. There should be a command under the Edit Smooth Skin menu to do a one-time normalization - make sure you're testing the full range of motion on the joints in maya as well. Failing that, make sure you're exporting with FBX version 2014.
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