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Correct way to merge animations from multiple copies of the same skeleton

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    Originally posted by FrankieV View Post
    What you see in the browser is a thumb nail image of the asset and when you change the reference the thumb nail does not get updated until the change is recognized. Some times just giving the icon a jiggle.
    Be sure to save the updated animations first and if UE4 refuses to save the updated animations make sure that you do not have a second instance of the project open as doing so will prevent the current focus to not save.
    In my case, that was not the problem.

    I don't talk about the "content browser" and the thumb nail image in there.
    I mean the "Animation" Tab (In AnimBP) on its window/menu "Asset Browser". There the new converted (reference changed) animations were not listed. Every new start of the editor, I saw only the old animation in the animations tab. By open some converted animations and some seconds later, also some opened animations were shown in the animations tab. But only until editor restart.

    Solution for me: Go the the old folder, where the "deleted Sekeleton" was before. Then do a "Fix Redirects" from the Right-Click context menu. This will again show you all affected animations, and only after you accept this, all animations are converted fine. In my case, thix Fix up redirects was mandatory to have all converted animation properly converted and shown in the Animations tab.
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