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Vertex Animation Tool in 4.8

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    Nevermind I figured it out. The normals are WS remapped from -1 1 to 0 1.


      Hey guys,

      I posted my version of this tool to allow houdini to export geometry, positional and normal data image files to work with the MS_VertexAnimationTools_MorphTargets material node in unreal. Sorry if I am jumping the gun on anyone else doing this, but the other links seem to have gone stale and I really wanted to get it up and working as I am doing a lot of Houdini<>Unreal work right now. I thought it would be good to share incase anyone stumbles on this thread looking into this workflow like I did. And sorry, I am not working on a Maya version, I know that's what the post started as.

      Here it is:

      It was a few days of effort to get it all polished and documented. I hope you find it useful! I have so far. Its fun stuff! Feel free to send me a pm if you have questions or run into issues.

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